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Fall Risk Self-Assessment

How do you know if you or a loved one could be at risk of falling?

If you are concerned about the risk of falls for yourself or a loved one, you should talk to your doctor about your concerns and consider scheduling a fall prevention evaluation. 

If you are unsure, use the following questions based on the CDC Stay Independent Questionnaire to help identify fall risk. 

Read the following statements, and count how many are true for you. 

  • I have fallen in the past year.

  • I use or have been advised to use a cane or walker to get around safely.

  • Sometimes I feel unsteady when I am walking.

  • I steady myself by holding onto furniture when walking at home.

  • I am worried about falling.

  • I need to push with my hands to stand up from a chair.

  • I have some trouble stepping up onto a curb.

  • I often have to rush to the toilet.

  • I have lost some feeling in my feet.

  • I take medicine that sometimes makes me feel light-headed or more tired than usual.

  • I take medicine to help me sleep or improve my mood.

  • I often feel sad or depressed.

If four or more of these statements are true for you, you may be at risk of falling. Talk to your doctor and schedule your free consultation to learn how Change In Motion can help decrease fall risk at home.

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