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Fall Prevention 

Falls are the leading cause of injury and death in older adults, and most falls happen at home. The three-part fall prevention program helps you live at home safely after one occupational therapy visit.

Senior couple standing in front of their home.
Client and therapist talking during an evaluation.

Part 1:
The Evaluation

I will meet you in your home to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. First, I evaluate your strength, balance, and fall risk.

Next, I assess every part of the home that you regularly use, noting strengths and weaknesses that are already there.

Finally, I will ask you to demonstrate how you perform tasks throughout the house to get a full picture of what activities and locations present a fall risk in your everyday life.

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Part 2: 
The Plan

We discuss the findings of the evaluation together, and collaborate to develop a plan to address all identified potential fall risks. ​

The plan may include minor adjustments (e.g. moving a lamp or rearranging furniture), safety equipment recommendations (e.g. grab bar installation), home renovation options (e.g. replacing a bathtub with a step-free shower), energy conservation tips and tricks to reduce fatigue throughout the day, and exercises or referral to physical therapy to improve your strength and balance, if needed. Before leaving, I will ask you if all of your concerns have been addressed, all questions answered, and if all goals feel achievable.  

My goal is to help you meet yours. If you are not interested in home renovations, I will work with you to develop solutions that do not require renovation. If you are concerned about maintaining the beauty and elegance of your home, I will identify safety features and renovation plans that match the style of your home. My job is not to tell you what to do; my job is to work with you to identify solutions that fit your needs. 

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Part 3: 
The Follow Up

We will schedule follow-up calls and visits to support your long-term goals of fall prevention in your home. Usually, this includes at least one visit 2-4 weeks after the evaluation, and another visit 2-4 months later. 

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